Assessment, Strategy & Implementation

Our approach begins by listening to you, understanding your needs, challenges and specific objectives in the context to your overall business plan. We then develop and deliver a comprehensive strategic initiatives plan that focuses on creating and maximizing value on behalf of your company. In short, we provide compelling insights and develop strategies, contract structures and financing models that traditional real estate brokers and developers do not.

When leasing a building, whether your existing facility or a newly located facility, we will insure functional design efficiency and dramatically reduced contract risk, while also delivering cash windfalls sourced directly from your building’s increased value, (value created by your contemplated lease, typically retained by your Landlord), back to your company’s bottom line.

When purchasing or constructing a facility, we drive acquisition costs down, minimize facility related risk and help secure low cost financing that can include capital markets or bondable lease structures, often resulting in unexpected multi-seven figure cash windfall allocations or savings that many of our clients have used to fund other important business initiatives.

Our professional advisors are not brokers. We are a team of highly skilled, corporate executive specialists with no less than thirty-years of experience using real estate to increase EBITDA for highly respected companies such as; Teva Pharmaceuticals, Broadcom, Gateway Computer/Acer, Laboratory Corporation of America, Pacific Bell, Royalty Carpets, LSI Logic, Rutan Tucker, Plains Capital Bank, BEA Systems, Toshiba American Medical Systems, Nissin International and many others.