Our approach first begins by focusing on what is most important to you.  That is to say, while we deliver expertise covering a broad range of professional disciplines, our role may be limited or expanded to fit a company’s specific need and objective. We complete an assessment of your corporate facilities, business operations, and/or contract obligations and in 92% of all previously completed reviews, we have identified a minimum of “two million dollars” and as much as $43 million dollars in available credits, incentives and/or cost savings opportunity available to the company.


We listen to understand your needs, challenges and objectives. At our cost, we then provide a project summary reflecting solutions and strategies aimed at accomplishing your stated objectives, while illuminating unrealized, yet available expense reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities that we know can be secured. Our team then develops and implements a comprehensive strategic plan to achieve the company’s functional facility and/or operational needs while capturing unrealized credits, economic incentives, concessions and material expense reduction. This approach incorporates unrealized increases in facility and operational efficiency, while insuring contract terms that produce windfall economic allocations back to the company. Individual assignments can run three months to three years, require limited time commitments from senior management or staff and typically result in additional bottom line profits measured in the tens of millions of dollars.

Corporate Facility planning and implementation is a core strength of our firm. Whether single building or a large portfolio evaluation, our senior executive facility specialists create and implement innovative and effective solutions that produce staggering increases in company EBITDA and share value.